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L94 is the bus that took me from and to barcelona. i am camping at the beach very close to the airport. the last time i visited barcelona it was in a different mindset and more pleasure oriented. this time i looked at the city with different eyes. the busy streets of the city center

bologna part two

the second part of my day in bologna was wonderful. i just enjoyed longboarding the walkways and got out of the city center, where i discovered the beautiful entranca hall to the department of political science and sociology of the university. i took a lot of pictures of the polished stoned floors and the huge


the third destination of my road trip is zagreb. my friend from karlsruhe jan’s family lives in the upper city and we planned to spend some time together in his hometown. honestly i didn’t spend much of my energy on taking pictures but rather slowly adjusted to being on the road and traveling. i remade this website

castello miramare

on the way from venice to zagreb i visited castello miramare 5km northwest from trieste. i had a wonderful break in the park surrounding the beautiful building and took a lot of pictures with my analog nikon camera. i am really looking forward to develop this roll of film since it is such an amazing


                i was in venice only for one night. after driving through switzerland i arrived at the camp site around 9pm and managed to make my way to venice by train. i used my digital camera and my nikon 28mm f2.8 lens on a tripod to do some

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